Sunday, March 19, 2017

Visual Proof of Pythagorean Theorem

Shown below is a triangle whose sides form squares with sides a, b, and c.

1.) Move slider p to the extreme right.

What is the relationship among the squares when p was on the extreme left and the quadrilaterals when p was on the extreme right? 
2.) Move slider q to the extreme right. 

What is the relationship among the quadrilaterals when q was on the extreme left and when q was on the extreme right?   

3.) Move slider r to the extreme right.

What is the relationship among the quadrilaterals when r was on the extreme left and when r was on the extreme right?   

4.) Based on your exploration, what is the relationship among the areas of the squares with side lengths a, b, and c?

5.) Using the variables, a, b, and c write an equation about the relationship you found in 4.


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