Sunday, June 24, 2018

Task 1 - Drawing Similar Triangles (Part 1)

In the applet below, given ∆ABC, use the Segment tool to draw ∆A'B'C' such that A'B' = 2AB, A'C'= 2AC, and B'C'= 2BC.


1.) How did you draw ∆A'B'C'?

2.) What do you observe about the angles of the two triangles?

3.) Draw other triangles satisfying the same conditions and see if your observations hold.


In your lesson on Triangle Congruence, you have learned about corresponding angles and corresponding sides. In the two triangles above, the pairs of corresponding angles are A and A’, B and B’, and C and C’. The pairs of corresponding sides are AB and A’B’, BC and B’C’ and AC and A’C’.


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