Monday, July 9, 2012

Tutorial 1 - Points, Segments, and Intersections

Objective: To construct a triangle and find its centroid.Tools: Move, New Point, Segment between Two Points, Midpoint or Center, Intersect Two Objects

NoTool    Instruction
Select the New Point tool and click three different locations on the Graphics view.
2segment.pngTo construct side AB, select the Segment between Two Points tool click point A, and then click point B.
Use the same tool to construct segments AC and BC .
3move.pngSelect the Move tool and drag the points. What do you observe?
4midpoint.pngTo construct the midpoint of AB, select the Midpoint or Center tool, click point A, and then click point B. Now, get the midpoints of AC and BC. After this step, your drawing should look like the following figure.

5segment.pngTo construct the medians, use the Segment between Two Points tool to construct segments AFBE, and CD, the medians of the triangle.
6intersect.pngTo intersect the medians, select the Midpoint or Center tool, and then click any of the two medians.

Explore More!

  • Move points AB, and C. What do you observe about the medians?
  • What conjecture can you make about the medians of a triangle?
  • Move the points and the segments on the figure. Which objects can/can't be moved? Why?

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